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M C Dutton - AUTHOR
I am an Essex girl and very proud of it.  I have lived in Essex for most of my life.  I moved to Newbury Park from the East End when I was 7 years old and lived my married life in Barkingside.  I now live in Chelmsford and love it here.  Essex people are the friendliest people in the south of England.
I work in Dagenham and for 5 years lived in Dagenham.  My voluntary work was in Barking so I know the area very well. 
Over the years I have met all kinds of people through working voluntarily with Samaritans, mentoring, YOT Referral Panels: They range from awesomely heroic to sad, mad and seriously bad. I believe anyone is capable of any act as long as they can justify it.
I have now joined LIONS at Fairlop.  They have kindly asked me to join them and I am very proud to call myself a LION.  This is a huge international charity organisation and where ever there is a disaster or where help is needed you can be sure the LIONS are there.  It is all voluntary and every penny raised goes to benefit the selected project.  I am working with some of the most professional, dynamic, decisive, committed people with such integrity.
They do some wonderful work locally as well.  A new project for us is Feeding the Homeless.  I have helped on this and I talk to the homeless.  "There but for the grace of God" is what I feel when I meet these people.  They love the hot food we bring them and it can be the highlight of their week. 
We helped locally with Diabetes week.  Do you know that 17% of those who were tested were given letters for their doctor because they recorded in tests they were higher than they should be.  How wonderful is that?  I think that event may have saved some people difficulties later.  Then there was Heart week where people off the street could have their bloodpressure taken and if necessary a cholesteral test.  Everything on offer is free.  One person was such a worry that an ambulance was called immediately for him and he was taken to hospital.  I think his life was saved that day.  You can see why I am so proud to be a LION.
I am fascinated by people. If you talk long enough to someone you realise that no one necessarily sees life, love and the pursuit of happiness in quite the same way.
My books are character driven and the situations bring out their raison d'etre. 
I also write short stories and hope to compile them for a book of short stories with a theme.  The theme is they are all on the same train.  Have you ever wondered as I have who you are sitting next to on a train and what story they might tell of their lives. 
  The stories have be read on Felixstowe Radio on Sunday evenings. 
My Waterstones book signing.  I really enjoyed it.  Hope to be able to do another book signing for the second book early next year.
Chelmsford people are just so friendly and it was a pleasure meeting and talking to them.  I love Waterstones.  Everyone who works in there loves books and it is a joy to hear their enthusiasm.
I always have a box or bowl of sweets wherever I go so I didnt see it should be any different at a book signing.  I think a bowl of sweets is  very welcoming and friendly .
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